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Just An Other Crossing is a 6 month R&D sound and virtual reality project of an English channel journey.
In this immersive installation you find yourself on a boat travelling the channel through virtual reality film and the live amplification of your heart beat.


The idea for this project came whilst walking along the Kent coast in Folkestone, where I live, and came across an inflatable boat and life jackets that had just been left by other humans who crossed the channel. 

The  project looks at the human experience of displacement and movement in search of sanctuary. The uncertainty of the journeys taken and the fragility of our condition.

In a world that is interconnected and interdependent, how can we build bridges between ourselves and others through empathy and imagination?


May we find new ways of relating, imagining and growing together.

This project was created by Local Foreigner. 360° film was facilitated by photographer and film maker Manuel Vason.

About Local Foreigner

In 2015, Local Foreigner emerged from the tense and confused socio-political climate surrounding ideas of locality and foreignness, of belonging and being other. Local Foreigner is interested in the underlaying current of this tension and confusion, that point to a society in a psychological and existential crisis, and how we might find new ways of relating with ourselves, others and the rest of the world.

JAOC Folkestone .jpg

photo: Manuel Vason

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